Electrical Savings Programs


Recent changes in Illinois legislation have enabled residents and small businesses to choose their own supplier of electricity. There are programs available right now that can save you money with no change in ComEd’s delivery service or their responsibilities during emergency outages. The electricity service at your business or home is made up of three parts:

  1. The electricity itself is provided by an electricity generator and is sometimes referred to as electricity “supply” or “generation.”
  2. The “transmission” of that electricity from the generation facility to your local utility.
  3. The “distribution” or “delivery” of the electricity by the utility over the electric lines that lead to your business or home.

In the past, ComEd provided all three parts of your electric service (supply, transmission, and distribution). You now have the ability to select the electricity supplier, which allows residents and small businesses to save up to 20% off their electrical supply costs. (Source: http://pluginillinois.org/about.aspx)

When you choose to obtain your electricity from a different supplier, ComEd is still responsible for the transmission of that electricity to the local utility and to your business or home. This means that ComEd will still do the billing, maintain the service lines, and respond to power outages as the company has always done. The only change you will see is a reduction in the cost of the electricity supply charge on your ComEd bill.

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Program

The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus is an organization of 272 mayors in the Chicago metropolitan area. The Caucus provides a forum through which the chief elected officials of the region cooperatively develop consensus on common public policy issues and multi-jurisdictional challenges. The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus has created an energy savings program through its Clean Air Counts campaign. Although prices fluctuate periodically, the rate on November 18, 2011 reflected a 20% savings over the current supplier. Through this program, electricity supply rates are guaranteed to remain no higher than ComEd ‘s “Price to Compare” through the June 2013 billing. (Source: http://www.mayorscaucus.org/).

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions or complete the Online Enrollment Form to sign up today!

Compare Alternative Programs

The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus is just one program available to residents and small businesses. The Illinois Commerce Commission has developed a comprehensive list of programs that are currently available. This list is presented in a user-friendly format that allows users to compare different programs according to electrical supply rates and various contract terms. We encourage you to fully investigate all of your options for saving money on your electric bills by visiting http://pluginillinois.org/OffersBegin.aspx or view important FAQs for choosing alternative suppliers.

Our Senior Citizens can get additional one-on-one assistance through the Village’s partnership with Wauconda Township’s Senior Services. Click here to learn more (view Spanish version).

A Word About Municipal Aggregation

Perhaps you have heard of other communities engaging in “municipal aggregation.” Municipal aggregation allows communities to bring together all residential and small business customers of ComEd into a group for the purpose of securing lower electricity rates. At this time, the earliest possible date that these types of savings could be realized in the Village of Wauconda would be August 2012. The Mayor and Village Board examined this option, but decided instead, to leave the decision up to you, its residents and small businesses. In this way, you do not have to wait to save and you have the freedom to choose your own energy supplier. You can take advantage of electrical savings now by enrolling in any number of programs that are offered by several different electrical suppliers. You can even choose to do nothing. It’s all up to you!