Community Development


The primary responsibility of the Community Development Department is to monitor and regulate all building construction in the Village to assure compliance with the applicable, adopted building codes. The department also has the responsibility to oversee the zoning ordinances of the Village to assure that compliance is being maintained.


Please contact the Community Development Department at 847-526-9609 if you are unsure if your project requires a permit. Payment for permits can be made by cash or check made payable to: Village of Wauconda. Note: Credit and debit cards are not accepted. Issued permits are not refundable.

CURRENT PERMIT FEES as of 11/07/2017 Ordinance
The codes below are adopted by reference and are part of the Village Code as amended.
2003 editions of the following:
  • International Building Code
  • International Residential Code
  • International Fuel Gas Code
  • International Fire Code
  • Illinois Residential Code​
  • International Property Maintenance Code
  • Illinois State Plumbing Code 2014
  • National Electric Code 2005 (note: conduit required)
  • International Energy Conservation Code 2015

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Note: There is no official normal water elevation for Bangs Lake. The 100-Year FEMA Base Flood Elevation (BFE) is 775.6 as of October 2015