Open a Business

Business Registration​

All new or relocated businesses are required to register with the Village. Please complete and submit the Annual Business Registration Form and the Village Business Database Form. There are no fees associated with registration. If you have any questions contact the Building & Zoning Department at 847-526-9609.

Business Licenses

For information about business licenses please contact the Village’s Deputy Clerk at 847-526-9600. Licenses are required for certain business activities including the sale of alcohol and tobacco, vending machines and solicitors.

Site Selection

  • To view a list of available commercial properties, go to Available Properties, or reach out to a licensed real estate broker.
  • Please review the Village Zoning Code and the Permitted Use Table (PDF) for the appropriate zoning for your proposed use. Quick Links are also located on the Building, Planning and Zoning page. Or, contact the Director of Building, Planning and Zoning at 847-526-9605 to determine the appropriate zoning. When contacting the department please provide the following information:
    • General description of business activity, including hours of operation and number of employees
    • Site address of where you would like to operate your business
    • Size of business in terms of square feet
    • Number of on-site parking spaces
  • Building Inspection: The Village, in cooperation with the Wauconda Fire Protection District, provides a no cost life safety inspection of buildings prior to occupancy when notified by the business owner.
  • All food service establishments, regardless of menu, should contact the Public Works Department at 847-526-9610 to discuss grease disposal requirements. Food service establishments should also contact the Lake County Health Department at 847-377-8020 to discuss county food service permit requirements.

Building Permits

A building permit is required for new construction and for existing buildings when remodeling includes structural alterations, electrical, plumbing, exterior improvements (roofing, decks, driveways, etc). A sign permit is required if changing an existing sign or for a new sign. If you have questions please contact the Building, Planning and Zoning Department at 847-526-9609.

Occupancy Permits

Occupancy permits are issued only as part of a building permit process and after a final building inspection is completed. There is no general occupancy permit required for a business when there are no alterations to the building requiring a building permit.

Water/Sewer Service

If you have questions about the water/sewer service please contact Utility Billing at 847-526-9604 or e-mail to to arrange service.

Home Based Businesses

For home based businesses please contact the Village Director of Building, Planning and Zoning at 847-526-9605, or you may review the Village Zoning Ordinance Section 155.048 Customary Home Occupations.