Water Reclamation Division

Under the direction of the Village’s Public Works Department, this division is responsible for the treatment of 1.5 million gallons of wastewater each day. To learn more about this process, read through the attached Water Reclamation Facility Presentation

Trace the Route of Wastewater
People probably don’t think too much about what happens to the wastewater that goes down the drains in their homes, work places, or schools, after they wash, flush, or rinse something off. That water (and whatever else may be carried with it) is in for quite an interesting journey.

When a dishwasher is running somewhere in Wauconda, the water and food remnants go down the drain and are on their way to Wauconda’s Water Reclamation Facility. In most cases, the water leaving the dishwasher will pass through the plumbing of the owner’s house and into a service line that takes it from the property into one of Wauconda’s many sewer mains.

Journey to the Water Reclamation Facility
The Village utilizes 60 miles of sewer line to deliver the wastewater that is generated by residents and businesses in town to the Water Reclamation Facility. On its way, it will flow by gravity through slightly pitched sewer lines and may be pumped by any number of the Village’s 18 lift stations. These lift stations pump up to 124,000 gallons of water each day to push wastewater from a low-lying region to a higher elevation where it can flow by gravity the rest of the way to the Reclamation Facility. Of course, once at the facility, the water will be treated and re-released into the environment.