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Posted on: September 26, 2018

Why Has My Water Bill Gone Up?

Why Has My Water Bill Gone Up?


Earlier this summer the Village of Wauconda incorporated new rates for the Village’s water & sewer utility system.  Information on these increases was distributed to each water & sewer customer via a letter in the July bill.  A copy of this letter can be found by visiting:  The new water & sewer rates are available on the Village of Wauconda website by visiting:

These new rates, which took effect on July 1st, are being reflected for the first time on the water & sewer bills received by customers in September for their July water & sewer usage.  The following are some Frequently Asked Questions related to the recent water & sewer rate increase and the September bills:


What was the increase to the water & sewer rates that took effect on July 1st?


The Village’s new water & sewer rates are based on a rate per every 1,000 gallons of usage.  The minimum monthly bill is based on 2,000 gallons of usage.  Water usage is synonymous with sewer usage.  For example, 1,000 gallons of water used will equate to 1,000 gallons of sewer usage.


The minimum monthly water & sewer bill for a residential customers increased by $5.32.  For the typical household that uses 5,000 gallons of water per month, these customers will experience a monthly increase of approximately $9.40.

Why did the water & sewer rates increase?

Water & sewer rates are evaluated each year by the Village and adjusted as needed to ensure that revenues received from users of the system are sufficient to cover the operating expenses of providing water & sewer service to customers.

The water & sewer rate increases that took effect on July 1st also reflect the beginning of expenses associated with the delivery of Lake Michigan water to the Village of Wauconda.  The Lake Michigan Water Project is being paid for by a combination of property taxes and revenues generated by water rates.

Why was my September bill so much higher than my August bill?


The water & sewer bill received in September reflects usage for the July billing period and incorporates the new water & sewer rates that went into effect on July 1st.  The monthly water & sewer bill is based on a customer’s usage during the billing period. The utility bills is completed one month after a read is taken. 

If your September water & sewer bill increased more than anticipated, accounting for the new rate adjustment, then it is likely that your household had higher water/sewer usage during the July billing period versus previous periods.  For example, July experienced several dry weeks where the Village saw very little rain, which may have led customers to water lawns and use more water than typical.  Other possible sources of increased water usage could include:

  • Leaky toilet(s)
  • Higher household appliance usage (e.g. laundry, dishwasher, etc.)
  • More frequent showers/baths
  • Power washing (e.g. decks, sidewalks, driveway, house, etc.)
  • Car washing
  • Other plumbing leaks (e.g. sinks, faucets, water heaters, furnace humidifiers, sprinkler systems, etc.)

For questions about your water & sewer bill, please contact the Utility Billing Department at 847-526-9604 or email

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